Sunday, November 21, 2010

Warm days and Cool nights

There are still times when the idea of living in Waxhaw, North Carolina are strange. They are few and far between but still exist none the less.

Yesterday was one of those moments. Brianna was off with her dance team for a competition in Greensboro NC some 2 hours away and Lisa, myself, Emmarose and Kati went to the local shopping center for a few hours.

The shopping centers here are very different than the centers I know from NY. They are social gather places, for comparison thing of the Lifestyle center at Smith Haven Mall except larger.

Well Blakeney is all decked out for Christmas and looks very nice. The od thing was that it as about 68 degrees and shorts are still evident on many people including me. Don’t get me wrong this is not Florida, nor would I want it to be but I can get use to this as a regular thing.

Well, than the nights come and the heat bleeds off like poop through a goose. It gets so cold it catches you by surprise, at least for me.

I am sure I had similar days in New York, just became so accustom to them that I stopped noticing.

Looking forward to getting back to NY this week to spend time with family and seeing New York through new eyes, literally and figuratively. I have a feeling I will appreciate it more than ever!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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