Friday, March 26, 2010

So much for minding my own Business

Flight to NY today … again. Sitting eating a slice when the gut next to me strikes up a conversation.

Picture him Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump after the war.

He opens the conversation with “Can you believe this Obama and his F%^&ing Healthcare?’

My response was a generic, “I guess you have a problem with it.” Not wanting to tip my hand one way of the other.

His response back “Why you don’t!!!!”

My conflict sensor goes off and I try to think how can I get out of this moment quickly and quietly.

Let’s keep in mind, I don’t view myself as a very approachable person and I like it that way so I am thinking why me?

So he proceeds to rant and rave about the plan and all the failings it will have and all the problems that it will create for hard working Americans. He is offering his opinions which I am for some reason patiently listening too with a polite smile. I am really not saying anything in return. Not because I agree with the plan because I don’t but more so I don’t want to feed into the event.

Lt. Dan proceeds to move his comments to this past Wednesday when a self proclaimed “beyond liberal Chink” invited herself to sit with him in another airport and began to berate him on the virtues and promise that the Healthcare plan will offer. He seems to be getting to a frothy fervor over this persons offering and tells me that he said “take your skinny little ass back to the seat you cam from!!!”

At which point I am finally fed up with his over opinionated personality and I offer to him to take his not so skinny ass to another seat where he might find someone who actually cared about what he had to say.

The look on his face was priceless as it told me he grew accustom to taking up other people’s time with his diatribes.

Not me … my time is worth no more than other people’s time until I decide that you are wasting it.

As I was walking away … he offered his final words of wisdom.

“Her name was Zhen, watch out for her she will drive you crazy!”

Flight begins to board momentarily and I will not miss Lt. Dan!

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