Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wearing a New Pair of Pants

We all have done it. We have all put on that new pair of pants that is like every other pair of pants but they are not ours.

The first time you wear them, it just does not feel right so I always try to wear them on a day when I am very busy … it keeps your mind off the change. Well today I am wearing a new pair of pants and I am not busy.

Today is the first Sunday in a long time where we are not together as a family. The day is going well but it is just long and feels strange. I have spoken to all my girls today but it just is not the same. Hard for me to believe that I will be doing this for the next two months in some way shape and form.

I went to mass today and guess what … not my pants. Same religion, same format but just not my pants.

Thankfully the girls will be back come April 21. That will be great.

For those who might think that a decision like the one Lisa and I made is easy it is not!!! The sacrifice is huge yet we do believe it is the right one.

Like all new pairs of pants this one will become more comfortable and could even become our favorite, especially now that I pay the $5 extra for the long rise!! When did they raise the crotch in pants? When did my crotch lower? Who knows.

For those that might read this know that I am doing fine and I am one day closer to having a more comfortable pair of pants.

Go Rangers … Don’t waste the opportunity.

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