Saturday, January 2, 2010

Harmony – what a great sound!

I was thinking about yesterday, the first day of a new year and how might it be different. At the time I could not see how it would be much different, if at all. This morning as I was running and again a few moments ago a thought struck me that I guess I have taken for granted or just did not notice before at all.

You see, yesterday was a lazy day, we (Lisa, myself, Brianna and Emmarose) all spent the entire day in the house in various stages of interaction. The part that struck me this morning though was the nearly 6 hours that Brianna and Emmarose played with each other without the need for any adult intervention. They spent time with each other and their toys. Some time with the TV, but most of the time they were simply friends. There was no fighting bickering or arguing. There was no calls for mom of dad to help, or to make one or the other “stop” It was just peace … harmony!

Again this morning as we had a lazy start to the day (well Brianna and Emmarose did).  The neighbors, Connor and Ryan came knocking on the door at about 9:30. They wanted Brianna and Emmarose to come and play in the snow. The girls finished their breakfast and dressed as only girls can do (it seemingly took forever) and went outside with Connor, Ryan and Kati.

They all played in the snow, helping each other into the tree, out of the tree and pulling each other in the wagon. They all played with Kati and they had a great time…..  Harmony!

This naturally evolved into time in the house, downstairs with the Wii. You would expect that this would cause problems but 4 children, 4 Wii remotes and Mario Carts created more …. Harmony.

Next came snacks, hot chocolate, and cookies and popcorn. Again they all sat around the table in …… harmony.

During this harmony yesterday and today, Lisa and I enjoyed each other’s company. Had some discussion and even made dinner together. Same thing in the morning today, we made breakfast together and just enjoyed the time. Funny how the harmony the children were experiencing helped us to realize a similar harmony.

Don’t get me wrong … the 4 children are still downstairs playing the Wii … the clock is ticking and I can’t help but feel the the fuse is lit and the KaBoom! will happen at any moment. I am sure my instincts are correct but I will wait and see.

Thinking back over this as I write I can’t help but feel that I may have missed this harmony in the past by letting the little things overshadow it. I am not sure???

I guess this answers how 2010 can be different. The girls are changing, Lisa and I are changing and rather then notice what is easy to notice I will take time to notice what is often overlooked.

Enjoy the day!

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