Friday, February 5, 2010

Failure has never entered my mind!

Today was very odd!

I have made many changes in my work life all within NY. It was always difficult to make the transition but I always knew that I had the support of those around me. The familiar faces and names and locations all brought great comfort and reassurance. Failure never entered my mind.

Well today was different, I walked out of my office knowing that after almost 20 years of working in New York I will no longer do so! I will be back later to transition but it will never be mine again.

I had a great sense of pride in all that I have been able to accomplish. More so I was grateful for all the wonderful people that supported me, challenged me and guide me along the way.

Monday I walk into a completely different world but I already know that I have the support of those that will be around me. So many people have offered their support. I have spoken to some of the years on the phone, met some in conferences and trips and some I have never met before. Despite this they have all reached out and made an offer, a warm welcome and assurances that I will do great. Failure has never entered my mind.

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