Friday, February 26, 2010

People are strange

As Jim Morrison says … People are strange!

By no means am I a seasoned traveler, however I just can’t understand a few things.

1. Why do people line up and rush to get on the plane? It seems to me that they do it just to crowd the area for those that are suppose to be boarding the plane. Zones don’t seem to make sense but there is an order to follow.

2. When on the plane why do people feel compelled to call everyone they know to tell them they are sitting on the plane? Ok I called Lisa to let her know we were going to take off, that was it.

3. When they announce that all electronic devices should be turned off, why do people rush to call more people? I actually saw some one get yelled at today like a third grade kid who did not listen to the teacher …. it was great.

4. This may be the strangest of all. As I sat in seat 21 D waiting on the runway for 30 minutes (no big deal given the weather) the people sitting in 21 E and F who did not know each other strike up a conversation. The person in 21 E is a male rock star and the woman in 21 F appears to be a grown up beatnik from the 60’s. The conversation started and never stopped. It ranged from work, world travel, performing, music, jewelry making, dogs and marriage. I sat there as these people appeared to pour their souls out to each other. This struck me as strange but you know I guess you can find therapy anywhere and this was free.

The really strange part for me was when we were preparing to leave the plane. Shane and Barbara grew to know each other so well that they proceeded to hug full on as a good bye. Once again these people did not know each other before this flight and I know that for a fact because Shane was hitting me up for conversation before Barbara filled the last standby seat in 21 F. Thank goodness for that, most of you that know me well know that conversation is not my strong suit and I really have all the friends I want in my life.

I have to admit though at the end when I saw them embrace, I could not help but think that hug was meant for me, and a feeling of emptiness came over me …….

Those of you who believe the above paragraph really don’t know me as all I wanted to do is smack both of them in the back of the head and remind them that people are strange.

5. The last thing I found strange in my travels today could be viewed as a sensitive topic. I am talking about breastfeeding! No big deal right! I am a grown-up, I know how they work! So when I get on the plane the woman behind me in 22 F is feeding her baby on pump #1 while apparently priming pump #2 … I keep my cool as I put my carry-on in the overhead. Now I should say they are in plain sight and she is apparently very comfortable with this as was the woman next to her who was with her.

Now for the strange part … once again, as we are getting ready to deplane I was standing near my seat facing in the general direction of seat 22 F where the mother and child seat waiting to get off the plane. The formerly exposed mother notices that her bra is showing to which she turns to her travel companion and states “why didn’t you tell me that my bra was showing, I am so embarrassed.” Go figure? I could only imaging that her embarrassment was due to the fact that she was not wearing an $80 Victoria Secret lift and form special???


Once again, People are Strange.

So that was my flight experience today and I was only 40 minutes late getting back to New York.

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