Saturday, February 13, 2010

Organized Chaos

Well as would be expected the first week of dual living has posed some challenges, but nothing that we can’t overcome.

As for the relocation, that will be another story. It seems like we have more “help” then we need. Realtors are everywhere, finance people are everywhere and the formal relocation person assigned to me is ready to go even though we are not.

It seems that the only agenda that should count is ours but it appears that all others have their own agenda and want to push those through. I am usually a patient person (in some cases) but I can see that I will have to define clearly what help is and make sure that all my new resources understand that clearly.

If I hear one more time that we have to start moving on this because we don’t want you to miss the spring sale season I will poke my own ear drum with a pen!

Let me make it clear, I understand and I know the pace I want to move. I want to sell my house just as much as the next person but we need a place to live for the time being.

On top of all of this Charlotte took on 2-3 inches of snow yesterday. Not a great deal by northern standards but crippling to the Queen city. They are expecting ice tonight and more snow possible. Glad I made it out when I did …. this is not the south I expected weather wise!

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