Monday, February 8, 2010

Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore!

This is the first day of many that I will be navigating two lives, one here in Charlotte and one in New York. Well let’s face it, Lisa will really handle the New York life.

So my NY to Charlotte flight was cancelled this morning and when I ask why I get the abrupt answer that the crew was unavailable. I asked if they got caught up in the weather somewhere and the answer was I don’t know. I asked if this was a regular thing? and the person behind the counter responds with a resounding “I hope not!” I was surprised at the offering but took it and moved on.

So I hit the ground in Charlotte some two hours late, no big deal until my luggage does not show up at baggage area B2. I wait, and wait and wait still no bag. Now I have to go to the dreaded baggage counter, good news there is no line and I am greeted by a smiling person behind the counter and she offers her help. I give her my claim check and she immediately says “I just to this bag from the sky cap, it is right over here.” She gets the bag for me and off to the rental counter.

Well, my car is ready and I get on the shuttle bus and the driver makes small talk. She comments that the ride will be about 2 –3 minutes. We pull from the curb and she proceeds to the next cross walk. A person is in the cross walk and she stops, rolls down the window and starts to ask the person how he was doing, She clearly knew the person and she took a very short time to say hello and move on.

I get to the office and am greeted with great energy. They have a cake for me and take time to introduce themselves. Great first day.

I get to the hotel and the clerk, calls me “darlin” about 5 times at check in. She never stops smiling!

Maybe it is all the press that I heard about southern hospitality …. I think I can get use to this!

Had a nice dinner with my new boss and a good run.

Spoke to all the girls in NY via cell and video chat and now ready for a good night sleep.

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